Frog on a Log

Local author and songwriter, Norma Gentner, believes that songs can have a “Pied-piper” effect.

This becomes apparent the moment she greets the children in her frog costume accompanied by a puppet. Children just have to take the leap!

Week 1 - As participants sing along with their own autographed copy of Frog on a Log, they not only learn about the life cycle of a frog, but discover they’re becoming early readers! Children will not only explore the integrated language of a Song of Science, they will recreate a frog’s life cycle with various models.

Session 2 - Norma Gentner feels her songbook Frog on a Log is perfect for introducing children to rhyming word families. Participants will make a take-home booklet where they will use Sign Language stamped letters to spell lyrics from her songbook: frog- log, swim-rim and tail-tale.

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