Songbooks of Science

Dig a Dinosaur

If you have a kiddo who “digs” dinosaurs, you won’t want them to miss this adventure!

Meet Norma L. Gentner, author and songwriter of the popular children’s book, Dig A Dinosaur.

Each pint-sized paleontologist will get an autographed copy of Norma’s songbook and learn about a real dig she went on in Montana. Of course there will be lots of hands-on activities each week, so get ready to join in the fun!


Workshop Price: $55

*includes original CD and autographed book!

Mondays (March 2nd & 9th) 


          12:00-1:00 PM                           4:00-5:00 PM

Fridays (March 6th & 13th)


         12:00-1:00 PM                            4:00-5:00 PM

Week 1 – Upon arrival, children will estimate and trace their footprints within a large paper replica of a T-Rex Footprint. This is followed by a sing-a-long of Dig A Dinosaur. Its rhythm, rhyme and repetition will illustrate the power of song with early readers as they dramatize elements of the song. Finally, participants will revisit Norma’s paleo-dig site, touch real dinosaur bones, T-Rex and dinosaur skin casts.


Week 2 – Did you know that dinosaurs hatched from eggs? Egg Mountain is a dig site that focuses on finding evidence of Maisaur, a plant-eating dinosaur. Large photo panels of dinosaur eggs, nests and casts will give everyone a close-up of these larger than life reptiles. Real dinosaur eggshells and casts of eggs will be passed around for those who need to touch something from prehistoric times. Children will end this session with a simulated dinosaur dig. 


Songbooks of Science

Frog on a Log

Local author and songwriter, Norma Gentner, believes that songs can have a “Pied-piper” effect.

This becomes apparent the moment she greets the children in her frog costume accompanied by a puppet. Children just have to take the leap!


Workshop Price: $55

*includes original CD and autographed book!

Mondays (March 23rd & 30th) 


          12:00-1:00 PM                           4:00-5:00 PM

Fridays (March 20th & 27th)


         12:00-1:00 PM                            4:00-5:00 PM

 Week 1 - As participants sing along with their own autographed copy of Frog on a Log, they not only learn about the life cycle of a frog, but discover they’re becoming early readers! Children will not only explore the integrated language of a Song of Science, they will recreate a frog’s life cycle with various models.


Session 2 - Norma Gentner feels her songbook Frog on a Log is perfect for introducing children to rhyming word families. Participants will make a take-home booklet where they will use Sign Language stamped letters to spell lyrics from her songbook: frog- log, swim-rim and tail-tale.


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