Pot O' Gold Math

Prep: Print the pdf file below and cut into cards. Gather coins or other objects that children can count. Allow children to write names on and color in their pots of gold.

Preschool: Cards can be used as number recognition flash cards. Preschoolers can also pick a number and count out the appropriate number of coins and place in their large pot.

Kindergarten: Use the numbers to practice addition and subtraction. My daughter picked 2 numbers and a plus or mins, then used gold coins to count out each number. She then applied the add or subtract and found the answer. Next she placed the final number at the end of her number sentence and read the number sentence aloud.

Tip: Use the blank pots of gold for different numbers or for division and multiplication. I had my kids write numbers for each other to identify and count out (sneaky writing practice)


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